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Margarita in a Box

Margarita Truck

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1. Margaritas in a Bag
Chose Any flavor
- Classic
- Strawberry Basil
- Cucumber Jalapeno
- Mango
- Grapefruit

Each for $19.89! Plus S&H.


2. Margarita in a Box perfect for any small event! It reduces the cost of hiring a Bartender, while still offering you signature Rasta Rita Margarita mixes.

Standard Package;
- 2 Flavors, Cups, limes, Cocktail Straws, Salt with Rimmer, a Pitcher and a super festive Gold table cloth!
- Shipped frozen, all you have to do is thaw... and your favorite Spirit (Tequila, Vodka, etc.) ice.. and Ole! You have an instant party with beyond awesome mixes!

All for $98.89!  Shipped Anywhere in the United States!

Gone are the days of store bought mixes... full of unnatural ingredients due to the pasteurization process. Shipped/delivered Frozen and Vacuum packed for your safety from our restaurant in Laguna Beach, Ca

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