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Destination Weddings!

When I asked Mario for advice on destination weddings his answer was short and simple: Don’t do it. It’s expensive.” he laughed. But even though that may be true, destination weddings are our bread and butter. We travel just about everywhere! That’s why we’re mobile! Have Margarita Truck, will travel!

Destination weddings can be very expensive, but they can also be worth that extra cost, especially when they solve some very difficult logistical problems. For example, maybe you can’t afford to host all 300 of your close friends and family in your small hometown or maybe your friends and family are coming from far and wide and a central location is more convenient. Hosting your wedding in an exotic local will definitely cut your guest count. There is a time and place for a destination wedding.   Sometimes you just fall in love with a location and cost is not issue. Other times you can combine your wedding and honeymoon in one location and save. No matter what your reasons are for picking a destination wedding, we are here for you!  We’ve been there, done that about a thousand and one times! Here are some tips we’ve gathered from experience and reading some very helpful articles on the internet:

  1. Destination weddings are not for Bridezillas. Being able to adapt is the name of the game. You are going to need extra patience with vendors who are in a different state or country and operate on different schedules than you do. Many times they will be concentrating on the wedding that weekend and not yours which is a year away. Be patient and go with the flow. If you don’t need control of every detail, a destination wedding could be full of unexpected and delightful surprises.
  2. Think about your guests. Will your guests who need extra care be able to make it? Not all locations are handicap friendly. Make sure you check on details like easy access and handicapped parking before you invite Aunt Mary and her wheelchair to your beach wedding that is only accessible via a mule-pulled cart.
  3. Hire a local expert. Whether you are looking at an all-inclusive resort or booking an out-of-town botanical garden, a  local wedding planner will have your back when you are not there. They will also most likely have a list of preferred vendors and be aware of laws and idiosyncracies of your location that you might never even think of. They will be worth their expense.
  4. Consider accommodations for your guests. While you are not expected to pay for your guests’ stay it is expected that you’ll have at least looked into local accommodations and make sure there are hotel rooms available. If you can offer your guests a discount on block rooms that’s even better. If you really have extra time and money, consider putting together a welcome basket for your guests. Include some local snacks and brochures on local things to do.
  5. Book an off-season wedding. Off-season travel may not have the best weather but it can save you a boatload, no to mention your guests’ expenses on travel. Consider a weekday wedding even. Thursdays are the new Friday we’ve heard!
  6. Check the weather. And check it again and again and again. Always have a plan B if the weather is not great. That means indoor locations or weather preparations such as tents or umbrellas or even something as simple as a basket of sunscreen for your guests.
  7. Plan ahead and send your invites and save-the-date cards well in advance. Destination weddings require a lot of planning not just for you but for your guests also. Make sure you give your guests plenty of time and send save-the-date cards at least six months in advance. Unless cutting your guest count is your motive: then be like Julia Roberts and surprise them the day before!
  8. Research your venue. Is it a dry venue (no services or add-ons) or do they offer an all-inclusive package? It never hurts to ask.
  9. Hire us! We’re Southern California based now but expanding every day. We’ve served so many different locations that we are able to adjust to just about anything. We can help!

These are just a few tips of many. Stay tuned for part two!



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