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All I got for Christmas was this t-shirt and a hangover?

how rita handles hangovers

Here at Rasta Rita, we are familiar with the dreaded hangover. Our margaritas are packed with vitamin C because they are made with actual hand-squeezed juices, but that does not exempt them from the dark sides of over-indulgence. Have one too many margaritas while celebrating? We feel your pain.

There is a way better way to beat the post-party blues than the hair of the dog bloody Rita and a breakfast of meaty tacos dripping in pineapple salsa, though that might be our favorite way to self-medicate. We call it pre-party. Did you know that half the reason we feel sick the morning after a night of binge drinking is that we are dehydrated? If you follow the simple rule of one-to-one drinking (that means double-fisting it with one glass of water to every margarita you toss back), your brain can handle the boos much better. Always make sure you start a party with plenty of fluids and keep the water flowing throughout the event. We always recommend setting up a non-alcoholic station with every party we cater. Whether you have fruit-infused waters, iced tea, horchata, or Aguas Frescas, it’s always a good idea to balance the alcohol with plenty of healthy and delicious choices.

Our bodies are complex systems that naturally metabolize toxins (yes, our favorite fermented juice of agave is technically a toxin). Still, we can help by staying hydrated and ensuring we are not short on B vitamins and zinc. A recent study published in The Journal of Clinical Medicine evaluated the diets for 24 hours before and after excessive drinking occurred and found that people whose food and beverage consumed more significant amounts of zinc and B vitamins had less severe hangovers. Eat those veggies, and you can give your body the necessary tools to remove toxins. A healthy body can still enjoy the euphoric feeling of alcohol and celebrate while being responsible and planning for the next day. 

So what does a Christmas t-shirt have to do with a hangover? Not much other than the fact that we are selling Rasta Rita Margarita truck t-shirts on our site now, and the first commenter to leave a comment about their personal favorite hangover cure recipe will get a free t-shirt from us! You could even call it your hangover t-shirt. 

Disclaimer, No content on this site should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor. We’re just giving you our advice on how we handle margarita hangovers. Please drink responsibly and take care of YOU!

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