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Did We Miss National Margarita Day????

National margarita day

How is it possible that National Margarita Day was yesterday, and we didn’t post?! Maybe it’s because every day is Margarita Day for us. Monday Margaritas, Taco Tuesday Margaritas, Humpday Margaritas, Thursday Margaritas for professionals, and of course Friday Margaritas because TGIF! Don’t even get us started on weekend margaritas. Is there a Sunday Margarita? Or course there is: the Strawberry Margarita is for Sundays!

There is a lot of speculation around the internet as to who decided February would be a good month to declare it National Margarita Day. Some say it was a bartender looking for sales, others say it was President Nixon. Personally, when I think it was someone with seasonal affective disorder. Or maybe it’s because February is citrus season and what better way to use up all those lemons, grapefruits, and oranges than a fresh-squeezed margarita?

Is it raining where you are? Winter weather got you down? Let us cheer you up by pulling up with our Margarita Truck! Let’s make up for missing National Margarita day but celebrating the rest of the year!



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  • Its been so long since I’ve had a real Californian Margarita, hmm maybe I should fly over and try one. You have better tequila!

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